Meet Devin. Devin writes sentences like a real person. He doesn’t hit “Enter” between each line to make you open their status update to read past the clickbait. People like this. Be like Devin.

Devin DaRif is the Vice President, Employer Brand Insights at Bayard Advertising Agency Inc. in its New York City headquarters. Formerly Director of Employer Brand Solutions at WayUp, Inc., a digital platform connecting college students and recent graduates with employers, Devin comes to Bayard with an extensive background in recruitment marketing and employer brand consulting both in- house and on the agency side. Prior to WayUp, Devin led the employer branding efforts for the marketing team at Two Sigma Investments, LP., a NYC-based quantitative hedge fund, to increase their awareness and brand appeal, with the skills he honed as a global employer brand consultant for Universum Communications, Inc., a global market research and employer brand consultancy based in Sweden.

In this session, Devin will lead you through how to build a foundational EVP upon which your creative and marketing activation depends.

From how gap analysis of market research and internal engagement surveys can improve your job postings to the importance of not glossing over the reasons people leave your organization, he will lay out a simple, comprehensive approach to EVP development that can be scaled from local to international scopes and let participants leave with ideas of steps they can take the next day to begin building a stronger employer brand for their organization.

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Tuesday, June 11 | 8:35 am - 8:45 am
Opening Remarks

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