Wednesday, June 12

8:40 am - 9:20 am

In 2019, we face the most unique hiring challenge of the 21st century. The employment market is decidedly in favor of the candidate, and Talent Acquisition has responded – the candidate experience is quicker, easier, mobile-friendly; the channels of recruiting tech continue to widen the “net.”

Meanwhile turnover increases, retention decreases, and the trend looks to continue.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Market conditions that have created a “candidate cocktail.”
  • Why you may be doing the opposite of what will be a successful talent strategy.
  • How we may all be Millennials.

John Whitaker

Vice President, Talent Acquisition
Dental One Partners

About John Whitaker

Now in his third year leading DentalOne Partners’ talent and retention strategies, John has spent the last 20 years navigating the specific talent challenges facing healthcare organizations; focusing on companies seeking to develop a competitive advantage for their respective organization through strategic Human Capital positioning, planning, and practices. In times of growth, reduction, or integration, there are actions needed to protect and company’s most valuable asset – people.

As an opinion leader in the Talent Acquisition community, his articles for HR Exchange Network, Fistful of Talent, and “HR Hardball” have become renowned for a truly transparent discussion of the challenges facing HR professionals.

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