Monday, June 10

1:40 pm - 3:10 pm

Join your fellow attendees for three 20-minute roundtable discussions facilitated by subject matter experts on a variety of topics. As you discuss, share and debate with your tablemates, our roving visual artist will capture your ideas and bring them to life for all to see.

In this session, you may choose from three of the following discussion topics:

  • EVP/Branding– Tell your organization’s story and attract critical talent segments.
  • Assessment and Selection– Move beyond your hiring manager’s gut and base your candidate selection on data.
  • Talent Acquisition for Small/Medium Organizations – Attract, engage and hire great talent without the resources or budget of a massive global company.
  • Onboarding– What’s your role in supporting the transition from candidate to employee?
  • Candidate Experience– Is your hiring process optimized to engage the kind of people you want to hire?
  • Managing the TA Tech Stack– See through the bells and whistles to invest in tools capable of supporting your talent acquisition strategy.
  • AI, Automation, and the Future of Recruiting ­– Understand and adapt to the technologies that are transforming recruiting.
  • Sourcing for Impact– Learn strategies and tactics to identify and engage passive candidates.
  • Analytics for Impact – Go beyond gut-level decision making and invest in data-driven recruiting.
  • Referral Programs – Leverage current employees’ networks to find your next great hires.
  • Blue Collar TA – Discover new strategies to combat your skilled trades/manufacturing gaps
  • Internal Mobility – Create a culture that hires from within.
  • Diversifying the Talent Pipeline – Invest in true diversity from top to bottom.

(Topics are subject to change)

Paul Hamilton

Director of Talent Management and Workforce Planning
Humber River Hospital

About Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton is a dynamic talent leader who has helped organizations grow and develop their most important asset: people. With nearly two decades of advising and leading the Talent Management functions for several innovative start-up organizations to the most recognized global brands, Paul knows the ins and outs of effectively managing talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management and human capital planning. With his real-life, in the trenches experience and his passion for supporting others, he has helped thousands of job seekers and employers with their talent matters in countries all around the world.

As a speaker, Paul shares his journey of being on both sides of the table, including what he has learned to help him secure his leadership positions at multibillion-dollar organizations such as Microsoft, Rogers, Facebook and Bank of Montreal. In 2012 and 2013, he was recognized by LinkedIn as one of the Top 100 talent influencers and leaders in the global Talent Acquisition industry.

Recently, Paul turned his attention to helping organizations in the healthcare sector develop their human capital strategies. In today’s digital skills and competency driven environment, he applies leading talent management practices to close the gap in hiring top healthcare and industry professionals. He serves as a guest lecturer for the Schulich School of Business, helping entrepreneurs learn proven strategies for winning the war for talent. Previously he served on the Board of Directors for the Kinark Foundation, an organization focused on offering proven solutions that help children, youth and families struggling with mental health issues.