Wednesday, June 12

9:30 am - 10:10 am

Bad news: when you meet someone, they say three untrue things in 15 minutes, according to Professor Freshman. He says on average, people detect only 40% of lies – worse than the odds of flipping a coin.

This highly interactive seminar, including videos from Freshman’s research at Harvard Business School teaches you who to trust and what to believe with cutting-edge, proven science You will learn:

  • Which parts of the eyebrows, nose and mouth reveal true feelings, including how people feel about past employers
  • When culture does – and does not – affect emotion and lie detection
  • How to detect difficult and disruptive employees early in interviewing
  • How to get better information in investigations
  • Recognize in a split second when your rapport building is working – and when it is backfiring

Professor Clark Freshman

Deception Detection Expert

About Professor Clark Freshman

Professor Clark Freshman, a tenured professor of law at the University of California in San Francisco, is the world’s most sought-after speaker on detecting deception, reading nonverbal communication, and negotiation. His engagements include Bank of America financial advisors, over 1000 HR professionals in Kansas, the EAP at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, investigators at Edwards Life Sciences, account executives at Genentech, investment analysts at Blackrock, and federal and state judges. He is also an expert on interviewing and detecting lies in negotiations and investigations.

His academic research has appeared in journals at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and Cornell. He has been an invited speaker at Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, and elsewhere. International media from Danish Broadcasting to PBS to the Wall Street Journal to Hong Kong magazines have covered his work. He also is an expert on mindfulness and taught it to lawyers, judges, and other professionals.